Mayawati Explain where “National Coordinator” has been mentioned in organizational structure of BSP’s constitution????

Mayawati should know that in the Constitution of BSP, it is clearly mentioned as to how should the national executive of party (BSP) should be constituted.

She should explain, where is the word/designation “National Coordinator” has been mentioned in  organizational structure of BSP’s constitution????

Whatever wrong or mischievous you could to to fool the Bahujan Samaj or carry out your dirty agenda has to stop now. I am going to raise this question again & again till the people of Bahujan Samaj and our party workers understand all these wrong doings and raise questions regarding your dictatorship openly. I will raise awareness amongst them in this regard till they themselves get agitated and start questioning you publically. They will unite and very soon revolt against your dictatorship.

Though I have started the legal battle against you and soon I will take this battle to national level. Whatever difficulties I will have to face will never stop me from this quest. I have already waged a war against you, Mayawati and your illegitimate dictatorship. I will not stop till I restore “internal democracy” in the party.

It is my commitment to myself, lakhs of BSP party workers and the whole Bahujan Samaj.

I have worn this black robe of an advocate after a gap of 3 years just for this reason.

All those, who think that my battle is a battle of principles and truth should forward this message to others so that this message reaches all corners of the country. It is very important to create awareness among the people of Bahujan Samaj regarding all this.

Thank you
Adv.Harshvardhan Godghate
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